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Frequency inverter gearbox combinations

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article image Heightened safety for conveyors, crushers, feeders, pumps and mixers.

BONFIGLIOLI has released electronically monitored motor and gearbox combinations that provide heightened safety for conveyors, crushers, feeders, pumps and mixers. The gearbox combinations incorporate VVVF frequency inverter technology. They are designed to enhance process control and facilitate the introduction of mechatronic drives.

The fine control and monitoring they offer is suitable for monitoring the driven or machine load on motors and drives, reacting quickly when loads suddenly change as a belt breaks or slips. Instead of materials handling equipment breaking down and dumping its load on the floor or injuring someone the electronic monitoring can sound an alert or close down the equipment automatically. This safety process is called load absence monitoring. It is now a common requirement in modern process control. It requires a process control device to monitor the load side of its function and to react to a lack of load in predetermined ways.

In the case of the latest VVVF drives, the process control device is the ACT inverter and the load is the electric motor. When applied in Bonfiglioli's V Belt Monitoring firmware, which comes standard with the ACT series, the technology constantly monitors the effective rms output current of the VVVF drive. Because the current demand of the motor is directly proportional to the torque produced by the motor, the technology instantly recognises whether the load on the motor is either reduced or absent.

If a gear or a chain in the power transmission breaks the torque demand on the motor is reduced, the motor current drops and the drive reacts. A percentage threshold is set based on the rated current of the drive. A time limit is set to monitor the low threshold. If the current falls below the set threshold for longer than the set time, the drive condition changes.

Bonfiglioli's Vectron Active technology offers control of industrial electric motors up to 18.5kW, complementing Bonfiglioli electronic automation drive (EAD) equipment in styles and configurations up to 800kW, including integrated motors and inverters.

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