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article image EP series motor and gearbox combinations.

NEW industrial drive combinations tailored specifically to food grade process and production environments are being introduced to Australia and New Zealand by Bonfiglioli .

The company's EP series motor and gearbox combinations feature enhanced IP protection ratings for products being processed, providing greater protection of the drives against:

* Water and dry products encountered during production.

* Hostile chemicals in ancillary processes such as cleaning.

The EP combinations are coupled with rugged SYN10 series VVVF drives suitable for production automation applications and fine process control of electro-mechanical equipment for high efficiency applications in industries such as food and beverage processing.

The drives are typically used for applications such as conveyors, mixers, pumps, bottlers, rinsers and feeders.

Bonfiglioli national manager, Electronic Automated Division (EAD), Sean Richardson, says the new technologies optimise protection of both products and processes while providing major steps to higher efficiency through production automation and mechatronic technology.

The new ranges of VF-EP and W-EP gear reducers and matching BN-EP and M-EP motors have been engineered specifically for food grade or hostile environments, with development focused on components exposed to outside environments.

Components such as housings, output shafts, seals, bolts and various motor features were modified to ensure compatibility with specific frequently encountered environmental conditions.

Available in frame sizes with centre distances of 44, 49, 63, 75 and 86 and with compatible motors up to 4kW, the EP series features include:

* Components in view made from stainless steel.

* Double epoxy coating.

* Life lubrication, including airtight life-lubricated motor bearings.

* Pressure plugs for prevention of ingress into threaded holes.

* Motor protection class IP56.

* Motor windings double impregnated then double oven dried.

* Four condensation drain holes in front and rear end covers.

* Motor cooling fans from inert polyamide plastic.

Options facilitating customisation to special applications include finishing in RAL paint colours, PX seal rings and UH1 class lubrication, allowing use of food grade synthetic oil.

The SYN10 ac VVVF drives, combined with EP motors and gear reducers, are designed for compact installation and quick set up.

Easily mounted on equipment such as conveyors, or on adjacent surfaces such as walls, they feature integrated EMC filter, IP65 protection level, robust construction, and reliability.

Available in power ranges from 0.2kW to 2.2kW in both 240 and 415V mains supplies, they also incorporate V/f control with torque gain and selectable patterns to allow users to run machines in general applications, high starting torque conditions, and on fan/pump "cube law" loads.

Main functions include:

* Ixt motor temperature monitoring with current limit.

* Dc injection braking.

* Start and stop selectable for local or remote control with 2 or 3-wire remote option.

* Frequency reference via local or remote or fixed presets (4).

* Independent JOG frequency.

* Motor reverse lockout.

* Selectable auto restart.

* Selectable stop method (base block or quick stop).

* Alarm history with fault log.

* Heat sink overheat protection.

The latest products complement a broad range of advanced industrial drive technology Bonfiglioli has introduced to Australia and New Zealand.

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