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article image The VVVF transmission drive.

BONFIGLIOLI has released a VVVF electronic drive system that adds the latest electronic control systems to their motors and geared motor lines in cast aluminium enclosures. They are IP66-specified for water and foreign body protection. Epoxy encapsulation of the electrical components provides humidity and vibration protection.

The packaged gearbox, motor and drive technology applications are known as localised motion systems (LMS). They can be applied to industrial processes including conveyors, cranes, pumps, mixers, thickeners, high-speed doors, metering systems, packaging lines and other equipment that benefits from process control finer than that attainable by conventional mechanical means.

The modular, localised drive system saves time and money on electrical installation by reducing or even removing cubicle installations as well as negating the requirement for shielded cable between the motor and electronic drives. It offers quick and easy setup because the inverter is already tuned for use with Bonfiglioli motors.

The Vectron localised motion device (LMD) controls industrial electric motors up to 3kW, complementing Bonfiglioli electronic automation drive (EAD) equipment in styles and configurations up to 800kW.

The modular set up of the LMD's hardware, combined with the flexibility of the software control and function, provides excellent and reproducible operational results in a range of machinery.

The technology offers inbuilt jumper pin selection setup for basic control and setting of acceleration and deceleration rates. A standard, inbuilt speed adjustment potentiometer with indicator LED provides simple user interface. An optional operator pendant and 2m cable kit is available for more advanced motor control (start/stop, FWD/REV, motor speed up/down) and motor monitoring (RPM, output Hz, output Amps).

An integrated Class A RFI filter is available, as are four digital inputs and one analogue input for remote control. The system is available with a number of additional communication modules, including ProfiBUS, Device NET and AS-i. The system suits FD failsafe brake motors for crane and hoist application.

Powers of up to 3kW are available, along with motor turndown ratios to 10:1. Bonfiglioli's VVVF technology includes drive combinations tailored specifically to food grade process and hostile production environments. The technology complements a range of industrial drive technology Bonfiglioli has introduced to Australia and New Zealand, including the compact Trasmital planetary series, the C1, A and F helical gearboxes, the W worm series and a broad range of clutch-brake units and electric brake motors.

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