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Bonfiglioli to showcase advanced heavy industrial drives at QME Exhibition in July

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article image Bonfiglioli will be exhibiting heavy industrial drives at the 2012 QME exhibition in Mackay

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)  will be exhibiting an advanced range of heavy industrial drives at this year’s QME exhibition in Mackay, Queensland being held from July 24 to 26.  

The custom engineered drives from Bonfiglioli address the unique challenges posed by the mining industry and the materials handling sector.  

The drives on display, designed for robust service in demanding industries such as mining, ports, energy and materials handling will feature one of the new HD helical drive series, HDO160 in addition to the powerful Trasmital planetary drives as well as Bonfiglioli travel drives and wheel drives used extensively in crawler and mobile machinery, including swing and travel drive excavators and mini excavators.  

The HD series has also been incorporated into a new series of drives including Hi Torque, Alignment-Free and Power Pack models engineered in Australasia by BTA’s Drives Service Centre (DSC) for specific applications.  

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) Managing Director Mr Malcolm Lewis explains that customised drives respond to the unique and continuously changing needs of individual customers and specific industries such as mining and materials handling.  

He adds that Bonfiglioli has invested tens of millions of dollars in state-of-the-art production technology, backed by in-house technical expertise with major investments in stocking and service to meet these demands.  

Bonfiglioli’s Australian Drives Service Centre enables Bonfiglioli to respond quickly to industry’s rapidly developing needs for drives with prompt delivery to avoid costly delay or downtime in mining and heavy engineering installations.  

The DSC also allows Bonfiglioli to promptly and precisely custom-engineer drives to optimise performance for particular applications, meeting the need for non-standard solutions required for non-standard mining applications.    

Bonfiglioli drives on show at the QME:  

  • HDO160 bevel helical drives mounted on a baseplate with fluid coupling brake and electric motor, complemented by HDO alignment-free drives
  • Trasmital 321L5FZ large planetary drives offering up to 650,000 Nm of torque for use in heavy duty applications such as coal thickeners or winches
  • Bonfiglioli Hi Torque drives, combining Trasmital 319 planetary and HDO110 bevel helical drives, especially engineered for slow moving applications such as shuttle drives, belt feeders, apron feeders, cranes and winches
  • 715T slew drives for cranes, stacker-reclaimers and special equipment industries
  • 713C3B alternate compact winch drive unit, designed to fit inside the winch drum
  • HDO140 with raised split casing to display its rugged internal gears and bearings
  • HDO alignment-free drives, engineered to provide a cost effective alternative to the baseplate design

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