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Bonfiglioli’s drives, bevel helicals installed into domestic security check baggage handling conveyors at airports

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The smooth running of one of Australia’s big passenger security operations is being entrusted to the reliability of one of the country’s tough little industrial gearboxes.

More than 500 of Bonfiglioli ’s ubiquitous W series drives, as well as about 40 of its A series bevel helicals, have been installed into Qantas domestic security check baggage handling conveyors at Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra airports.

The installations, as part one of Australia’s extensive materials handling tasks, follow the success of similar Bonfiglioli drives used on Qantas domestic security conveyors at Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s busy airports, which handle more than 25mn passengers and their luggage a year.

Airports depend almost totally on their baggage conveyor systems. One cannot close down Qantas because a gearbox does not want to work, according to Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia).

Gearboxes in these applications are subjected to constant top-start operation and sudden loads. Because they have to deliver top performance around the clock, and do it right around Australia, this is therefore an important and demanding application.

The numerous drive chosen for the task, Bonfiglioli’s versatile W series of worm gearboxes in models from 190-1,000Nm, is already proven in service in applications ranging from food, beverage, and primary product processing and packaging, to conveyors in factories around the country.

The compact drives, each of which powers a small section of the airport security conveyors, complements the broader Bonfiglioli Australia gearbox range extending up to massive drives, with peak outputs exceeding 1,000,000 Nm.

The recent W series as used in the airports offered improvements on a well established Bonfiglioli worm gearbox design that was already a market leader. The W series’ higher torque ratings and enhanced thermal ratings permit more compact units to be selected for many applications.

The airport units were selected because of their reliability in service, their ease of removal for routine maintenance and the backup offered by Bonfiglioli, which recently doubled the size of its Australian headquarters.

Mounting versatility is enhanced by the new units having five machined sides to offer maximum versatility for universal mounting, while a new motor spline adaptor permits easier and quicker motor changes.

Ease of installation and replacement is further enhanced by the W series being dimensionally interchangeable with Bonfiglioli’s popular VF styles, using simple bolt-on kits.

The A series helical bevel drives used in the airport installations are also versatile and compact.

The highly durable Bonfiglioli A series, available in nine sizes from 0.9-55Kw and 150Nm-14000Nm torque, achieves its versatility by having a ratio range of up to 1700:1 in a single gearbox, with four reduction stages.

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