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Bonfiglioli’s HD Drive Power Packs offer Heavy Duty Performance for Global Leader

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Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)  is custom engineering heavy duty fully coupled drive combinations for a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Bonfiglioli is a major supplier of helical drives, planetary drives, worm drives and frequency inverter drives.  

The HD drive Power Packs for boom conveyors incorporate new generation HDO 130 helical drives fixed to a base plate and fully coupled and laser aligned with their fluid couplings, disc brakes, pony drives and rigid output couplings.    

The advanced range of Power Packs featuring locally designed and fabricated baseplate assembly is designed to deliver advantages such as optimum ease of installation, rugged service and low maintenance in materials handling and process applications.    

The HD drives are particularly suited to conveyor drives and materials handling applications across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mineral processing, primary processing, resources, energy as well as water and wastewater treatment.    

Key features of the 51,000 Nm capacity heavy duty drives: 

  • Delayed filling fluid coupling provides about 150% of motor full load torque on start-up reducing drive train wear
  • HS disc brake as a safety feature ensures the conveyor does not backdrive in the event of failure
  • LS rigid output couple allows trouble-free disassembly at maintenance intervals through its bolted connection design

The modular design HD drives are produced on Bonfiglioli’s Australasian production and testing line that cuts delivery times and enhances customisation capabilities.  

According to Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia Managing Director Mr Malcolm Lewis, local production combined with in-depth local engineering expertise from the local Bonfiglioli Drives Service Centre enables Bonfiglioli to custom engineer drives for specific solutions including the highly versatile Power Packs, which are suitable for static industrial equipment and mobile equipment.  

Key features of Bonfiglioli’s HD series drives: 

  • Ratios from 7:1 to 500:1
  • Reduced noise emissions from fully hardened and ground alloy steel helical and bevel gears to DIN Class 6
  • SG cast iron housings and high grade alloy steel shafts with induction hardened seal journals to ensure greater service life in demanding conditions
  • High efficiencies from fully hardened and ground alloy helical and bevel gears in conjunction with premium high speed bearings
  • Superior lubrication achieved by combining splash lubrication with dedicated galleries and lubricant collection pockets incorporated into the internal walls of the housing and side covers
  • Heavy duty roller bearings allow high load carrying capacities and consistent bearing lifetimes throughout gearbox stages
  • Numerous mounting and shaft options resulting from the HD’s multi-machined case and symmetrical design

HD drive Power Packs are complemented by HD hi-torque drives combining HD drives and Trasmital planetary drives.

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