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Bonfiglioli releases range-topping HDOs ideal for compact and versatile heavy duty conveyor service

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article image HDO 180 drives offer advanced technology, low noise and low vibration - this example has a fabricated steel housing

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) introduces their latest and largest range of HDO helical bevel drives suitable for major installations requiring high performance combined with flexible mounting options to meet specific application requirements.

Particularly suited for compact, heavy duty and low maintenance installation on major resources plant such as conveyors and feeders, the HDO 180, which tops the HD range with outputs of 194,000 Nm torque offers foot, flange or shaft-mounting options, and also complements Bonfiglioli’s broader HDO and HDP parallel shaft drive range in sizes from HDO 100-160, which are assembled in Australia. Larger sizes can also be custom-engineered for Australasian applications, including the HDO 180, which was displayed at this year’s AIMEX exhibition.

Excellent torque per dollar, high casing strength, long-life bearing technology and quieter, trouble-free operation are some of the advantages of HDO and HDP drives, says BTA Australia Managing Director Mr Malcolm Lewis. HDO 180 helical bevel drives are available with an extensive range of input options, including solid shaft, lantern housing and flexible coupling input shaft (pony drive). Outputs can be solid, with or without keyway (with single and double extensions), keyed hollow or shrink disc.

Options such as fan cooling, coil cooling, independent cooling systems, non-contacting seals, forced lubrication, temperature and oil level sensors and drywell for vertical shaft installations further enhance the drive’s durability and versatility. The totally new modular design produces outstanding reliability and torque densities to record values, says Mr Malcolm Lewis. 

Tailored to customer requirements through extensive assembly and service facilities in Australia and New Zealand, the helical bevel drives feature excellent torque distribution across their entire ratio range, with gear ratios laid out in close progression and the drives having a rugged capacity to cope with the shock and impact of intermittent loads.

When combined with Bonfiglioli’s 300 series Trasmital planetary, they can be used in many slow moving applications where high output torque is required. Bonfiglioli Trasmital 300 series are available in 20 basic sizes, with nominal output torque ranging from 1,250 to 1,300,000Nm.

The HDO range of helical bevel drives offers assured durability with the gear cases made from SG cast iron, which typically has much higher tensile strength than grey cast iron, and offers considerable toughness and elongation advantages. HDO drive gears also ensure quiet and vibration-free operation in some of the harshest conditions. 

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