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Bonfiglioli launches new rugged industrial feed screw drives

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article image F series, left, and A series drives

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)  announces a new range of feed screw drives ruggedly engineered for duty in widely varying conditions.

Bonfiglioli’s compact, versatile and robustly engineered range of materials handling drives is particularly suited to application in feed screws, which are typically used for the horizontal transport of cereals such as barley, wheat and maize or granular products such as soya, grain and cocoa.

Bonfiglioli’s global operations have designed a range of drives available throughout Australia and New Zealand that can be custom-engineered for local applications demanding compact performance in varied ambient conditions.

These include Trasmital planetary gear units widely used in many slow moving applications where high output torque is required. Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia Managing Director, Mr Malcolm Lewis explains that their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are common.

Features such as a highly versatile product configuration with several options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface are all available for each of the 20 finely spaced frame sizes, spanning over the 1.000 - 1.400.000 Nm torque range.

Bonfiglioli’s F series drives complement Trasmital planetaries and are typically mounted directly on the shaft of the feed screw. F series offers easy and neat installation to achieve lightweight, cost-efficient performances with high dependability proven across material handling applications. Their torque range extends from 140 Nm to 14,000 Nm, with multiple input and output configurations.

According to Mr Lewis, the F series with its great flexibility, excellent performance and extremely favourable price/rating performance sets the benchmark in the expanding market segment for shaft-mounted speed reducers and gear motors.

The highly durable Bonfiglioli A series helical bevel drives are also widely employed in materials handling, covering an enormous range of small-to-medium-sized applications. Available in nine sizes from 0.9-55Kw and 150Nm-14000Nm torque, Bonfiglioli A series achieves its versatility by having a ratio range up to 1700:1 in a single gearbox with four reduction stages.

Similar to the complementary Bonfiglioli C series, the A series features FEA procedures in its design and construction, allowing for lightweight construction while maintaining strength and durability from case-hardened nickel chrome steel gears. Key benefits include high efficiency and low noise with operating efficiencies enhanced by Bonfiglioli’s high performance patented hypoid bevel gear pair, which gives significant energy savings.

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