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Bonfiglioli highlights compact Transmital planetary drives at AIMEX

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Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia)  will highlight the torque density of its Transmital planetary drives on Stand 5716 during AIMEX 2007 – Asia Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition, to be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park from September 4 to 7, 2007.

These multi-stage (up to 6 stages) planetary drives can handle peak torque outputs of more than 1,000,000 Nm and continuous outputs of more than 500,000 Nm. They are efficient in transmitting power and compact. Bonfiglioli has invested $16m in design and production facilities and inventory, and these gearboxes can be specified and assembled in Australia.

These drives are complemented by a broad range of drive types, ranging from small worm drives through to traditional parallel shaft and bevel helical gears. The new HDP and HDO bevel helical units are offered in sizes up to 72,000 Nm.

Bonfiglioli has also developed modern electric drives, including the Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF) and Field Orientated (Vector) Variable Speed Drives, which replace older technologies such as slip ring motors, fluid couplings, DC motors or eddy current couplings in variable speed applications.

The Bonfiglioli ACT series has four data sets (memories) that are independently adjustable and remotely switchable. This allows users to have up to four totally different operating characteristics from a single drive. When combining the multiple data set functionality with the features offered in a single data set (4 logic modules, 2 comparators, 2 timers, multiple fixed or infinitely variable speed motor speed, multiple starting and stopping methods, etc), huge variations in machine control from a single inverter are achievable.

Power factor correction and improved system efficiency in these drives reduces the energy draw and the environmental impact.

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