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Bonfiglioli bucket elevator drives nearly double the lifting tonnage for Cooperative Bulk Handling

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article image A Bonfiglioli HDO130 bucket elevator drive being installed by Powerdrive, WA

The HDO-Series helical bevel drives from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) have been installed at Cooperative Bulk Handling’s Western Australia grain silos as part of a technology and capacity upgrade at the facility.

Installed by authorised distributor Powerdrive, the HDO130 drives have enabled Cooperative Bulk Handling to almost double the total tonnage of grain being lifted from 250 tons to 480 tons.

Two Bonfiglioli bucket elevator drives have been installed over the last one year, with an additional seven drives to be added progressively. Kris Jaryn, Business Development Manager at Bonfiglioli explains that the HDO130 comes with an auxiliary ‘inching drive’ installed so that the bucket elevator can literally be inched through its cycle, which greatly improves maintenance and inspections.

According to Powerdrive manager Mr Peter Schulz, the main function of the drives is to power the elevator that lifts grain from underground storage to the top of the silo; by increasing the load that can be carried each time, the company is able to increase its productivity.

Celebrating 25 years of service in Australia, Bonfiglioli combines local engineering skills with the global resources required to tailor larger, sophisticated and efficient drives to the needs of individual customers such as Cooperative Bulk Handling.

HDO helical bevel drives from Bonfiglioli are assembled in Australia from sizes HDO and HDP 100-160, and are particularly suited for compact, heavy duty and low maintenance installation on major materials handling and resources plant such as conveyors and feeders. While the HDO130 drive installed at Cooperative Bulk Handling produces torque of up to 69,500 Nm, the range-topping HDO180 with outputs of 194,000 Nm torque is used for major installations requiring high performance combined with flexible mounting options to meet specific application requirements.

BTA Australia Managing Director Mr Malcolm Lewis comments that HDO and HDP drives offer outstanding torque per dollar, high casing strength, long-life bearing technology and quieter, trouble-free operation.

The extensive range of input options available with the HDO drives includes HSS solid shaft, lantern housing and flexible coupling and extended first reduction shaft for inching drives. Outputs can be solid, with or without keyway (with single and double extensions), keyed hollow or shrink disc.

Options such as fan cooling, coil cooling and independent cooling systems as well as non-contacting seals, forced lubrication, temperature and oil level sensors and drywell for vertical shaft installations enhance the drive’s durability and versatility.

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