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Bonfiglioli Trasmital planetary drives help to track global climate change at Antarctic cap

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An international engineering partnership extending from Italy to Australasia is helping scientists to track global environmental changes as they penetrate hundreds of metres into the Antarctic Ross ice shelf. 

New Zealand’s Max Tarr Industrial Ltd drew on the expertise of Bonfiglioli BEST Partner Saeco Bearings and Transmission Ltd to specify gearboxes rugged and versatile enough to handle winching of drill tools in Antarctic temperatures down to -17 and -70 C (-40-94 F) in winter. 

The Bonfiglioli Trasmital planetary drives, from Italy’s leading industrial drives manufacturer, are the same type used to also handle rugged tasks at the other end of the temperature scale, including Australian outback mining projects and tropical manufacturing and materials handling tasks. 

The Bonfiglioli Trasmital planetary drives are used in Antarctica, in the Andrill multinational geological drilling programme, to investigate Antarctica’s role in global environmental change over the past 65 million years, seeking to better understand the frozen continents’ future response to global changes. 

The six drives specified by Saeco Bearings and Transmission, actuate winches attached to cables, hoses and drill tools that feed hot water into drill holes, penetrating deep into the Antarctic Ross ice shelf. This ensures that the drill holes are kept open, so drills do not become irretrievably frozen in place. 

Max Tarr Industrial Technical worked with Saeco Bearings and Transmission Ltd in specifying the Bonfiglioli Trasmital planetary models 301, 303 and 305, combined with special Teco low temperature six-pole, 1.1kw motors. 

The motors, featuring electronic control devised by Max Tarr Industrial, have to operate over a wide, 0-100 Hz, range. Bonfiglioli is investing more than $A16 million in Australia and New Zealand to establish customer service facilities such as a new regional headquarters incorporating a Drive Service Centre, to tailor larger and complex drives to individual customer needs. The expansion - including $8 million for expanded stock inventories in Australia and New Zealand - incorporates a joint assembly facility with Saeco Bearings and Transmission Ltd, which is accredited to Bonfiglioli’s high BEST Partner engineering standards. 

About Bonfiglioli Trasmital gearboxes 

Bonfiglioli Trasmital planetary gearboxes are remarkable for the amount of torque they can produce out of a compact installation. 

The 100 per cent modular Trasmital 300 series of multipurpose planetary gearboxes is available in 14 basic sizes, with output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW. 

Trasmital 300 series of multipurpose planetary gearboxes are especially suitable for applications requiring high reduction ratios, high transmissible torque and high radial loads on output shafts. The gearboxes’ construction makes them particularly suited to heavy duty applications involving variable work cycles and both intermittent and continuous operation. 

The Trasmital 300 series is used internationally for many static industrial plant applications, including conveyor feeders, pumps, mixers, stirrers, and settling pond thickeners, for example. The series also has some applications in mobile plant, including cranes, drilling rig and drives for hoists and luff and slew equipment. Heavy duty industrial uses include steel mills; mining equipment; quarry equipment; woodworking, pulp and paper; chemical industries; rubber and plastic processing; food processing; materials handling and transport; and water treatment. 

Planetary gear units have distinct advantages over traditional helical and parallel axis gear units in many applications, offering high performance generally and enhanced performance, particularly in terms of torque transmitted per unit of weight and size. These advantages are even greater when the reduction ratio is increased, and translate into an economical purchase price and installation. 

The new Trasmital series’ flexibility allows the gear units to be coupled with a wide range of electric motors and many types of hydraulic motors and mechanical transmissions. 

Bonfiglioli and Saeco Bearings & Transmission Ltd  NZ have introduced to Australasia a series of its latest worldwide product releases, including the compact Trasmital planetary series, the C1, A and F helical gearboxes, new W worm series and a broad range of variators, clutch-brake units and shaft mount models.



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