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Bonfiglioli Transmission’s initiatives for technically advanced heavy duty drives

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article image Assembly of HD series to commence by the end of 2008

Bonfiglioli Transmission  have announced initiatives that respond to Australasian demands for more of their technically advanced heavy duty drives.

A new plant is to be commissioned in Italy by the end of the year, solely dedicated to HDP parallel shafts, HDO bevel helicals and Trasmital 300 series planetaries.

Apart from benefiting from the speed, flexibility and quality flow-ons of this investment, Bonfiglioli Transmission will commence local assembly of the HD series by the end of 2008 and to expand their broader assembly and testing facilities to enhance response to customer needs for customised drives for heavy duty applications such as mining, quarries, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, materials handling and product processing.

Bonfiglioli Transmission’s Australasian Managing Director, Malcolm Lewis, said that these moves will benefit Australia and New Zealand, where demand for the new HD series and Trasmital is strong and growing. The technology-led innovation and quality at Bonfiglioli Transmission has flowed on to continuing investment decisions that strengthen their hold on the market, including the launch of the new B2 plant dedicated to heavy duty gear units and the complementary expansion to 35,700 sq m B6 plant and of the B7 plant, where average final planetary, helical and bevel gear motor assembly time will be cut.

Since the successful launch of the HD gear units, Bonfiglioli Transmission have developed a specific plant and management dedicated to heavy duty gear units, which require:

  • High customisation levels
  • Highly integrated product management approaches
  • High levels of flexibility requested by customers
  • Specific testing and auditing procedures in many instances

The opening of the B2 plant, with supply and customer response benefits to Australia, will be complemented by the development of another 12,000 sq m plant in Slovakia, focusing on products such as truck mixer drives, forklift drives, special gear units and gear machining.

Lewis said that this would further extend the inventory of resources available to Bonfiglioli Transmission in Australia and New Zealand.

Progressive new product releases in Australia include expansion of the HD ranges during 2008 with two new sizes to bring the torque capacity of the range up to 125,000Nm. Drives requiring this sort of torque are commonly used in materials handling, mining and many other processing industries.

The new plants will not only accelerate the production of such drives in Europe and the world, but also cut weeks and months out of the supply chain for local assembly of types in high demand. Bonfiglioli Transmission can customise drive types and drive combinations to Australasian conditions, sharpening customer responsiveness.

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