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Bonfiglioli Transmission releases upgraded version of bevel helical drives

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Bonfiglioli Transmission  has upgraded and expanded its range of compact and versatile A series bevel helical gearboxes, which are noted for their high torque and high efficiency.

Three new sizes are being released to complement the existing range, covering areas not previously catered for by Bonfiglioli.

Because torque ratings will increase in such closely spaced steps from 100 to 2800 Nm in the new, extended A series gearbox range, users will be able to select precisely the right product for their application with far greater ease.

The highly durable Bonfiglioli A series now available in 12 sizes from 0.9-55Kw and 150Nm-14000Nm torque achieves its versatility by having a ratio range up to 1700:1 in a single gearbox (with four reduction stages in its three larger sizes).

The expanded A series covers an enormous range of small-to-medium-sized applications within industries such as construction and quarrying; cement; civil engineering; electricity generation; food processing; glass and bottle manufacture; general manufacturing; bulk materials handling; metal production, including foundries; mining; petroleum and gas production; printing; pulp and paper; timber processing; textile; clothing and footwear manufacture; pharmaceutical processing and water and sewage treatment.

Equipment in which the A series may be used includes conveyors, cranes, elevators, mixers, pumps, valves, winches and special purpose equipment.

A05 – The new A05 bevel helical gearbox will cater for an area of special interest, covering a range of applications historically dominated by worm gearboxes.

The A05 bevel helical gearbox will offer higher efficiency, from a minimum of +12% to a maximum of +85% depending on the gear ratio.

The new A05 gearbox will therefore provide a high efficiency alternative for manufacturers eager to achieve energy savings, or simply optimise the performance of their machines.

A05 bevel helical gearbox will even permit the use of one size smaller motors, with consequent savings in overall dimensions and costs.

Other key features of the A05 gearbox are an essential design, symmetrical mounting, compact size, extended versatility and universal applicability due to its many mounting surfaces.

A35 – The A35 gearbox will complete Bonfiglioli’s offering in the popular range for industrial gearmotors, with a unit that is top rated within its category. The A35 will also offer a range of gear ratios spanning up to i=400, in an evenly spaced progression with 12% difference between consecutive ratios.

The A35 will be also be easy to configure through various motors, two different mounting flanges and five versions for the output shaft.

A55 – The A55 gearbox is of a brand new design, characterised by torque capacity consistently high over a wide range of ratios, spanning from a minimum of i=5 to a maximum of i=800.

Two different casings, one 2-stage and one 3-4 stage, will be used allowing optimisation of costs, performance and dimensions in a manner otherwise not possible.

The A55 will also be versatile due to a broad range of standard options that can be selected from the catalogue for configuring the gearmotor according to any application requirement.

Bonfiglioli A series drives feature FEA (Finite Element Analysis) procedures in its design and construction. These allow for lightweight construction while maintaining strength and durability from case-hardened nickel chrome steel gears.

The major features of the A series include high torque, high efficiency and low noise. Operating efficiencies are enhanced by Bonfiglioli’s high performance patented hypoid bevel gear pair, which gives significant energy savings.

Low noise gearing is achieved by locating the bevel gear pair at the output stage of the gearmotor. This allows noise reductions significantly below similarly sized traditional bevel helical gearmotors. It allows the A series to conform to the most arduous of mechanical specifications.

The A series wide ratio range (with up to four reduction stages in the larger units) permit one A series to be used where previously two gear units increased dimensions and cost.

The A series is also available with compact motors, to further reduce overall dimensions and increase cost-effectiveness.

Introduction of the expanded A series follows the largest expansion ever of Bonfiglioli range and service facilities in Australasia, where it has more than doubled the size of its headquarters Down Under.

The expanded A series will be stocked at this new $8 million facility located near the M7 Orbital in the Western Sydney.

In addition to the capital investment in its new Australasian headquarters, Bonfiglioli is spending a further $10 million on stock inventories in Australia and New Zealand to ensure the broad availability, and prompt deliveries of its drive technologies.

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