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Bonfiglioli Transmission releases combination drives for materials handling and mining applications

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article image Trasmital planetary drive coupled with HDO/HDP helical series

New combination drives are being custom-engineered by Bonfiglioli Transmission for materials handling and mining applications demanding high levels of cost-efficient power from compact installations.

One recent combination employs a Trasmital planetary drive coupled with the Bonfiglioli Transmission’s new generation heavy duty HDO/HDP helical series to produce an apron feeder drive that offers the ideal features of each.

Bonfiglioli Transmission’s modular Trasmital 300 multipurpose planetary drives – known for their torque density and compact dimensions – can be coupled with HDP Parallel Shaft and HDO Bevel Helical units in sizes up to 72,000 Nm to produce good reliability and torque densities to record values, says Bonfiglioli Transmission Managing Director, Malcolm Lewis.

“Such combinations produce powerful high torque drive combinations especially suitable for low speed applications. The power of such combinations will be further extended this year with two new HDO/HDP sizes to be released that will bring the torque capacity of the range up to an impressive 140,000 Nm,” he says.

“The versatile HDO/HDP drives combine brilliantly with the 100 per cent modular Trasmital 300 series of multipurpose planetary gearboxes, which is available in 14 basic sizes, with output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW.

The Trasmital 300 series gearboxes - which can also be combined with Bonfiglioli Transmission’s C1, A and F helical gearboxes - are especially suitable for applications requiring high reduction ratios, high transmissible torque and high radial loads on output shafts.

The combination drives, tailored to customer requirements through extensive assembly and service facilities in Australia and New Zealand, feature good torque distribution across their entire ratio range of the HDO/HDP drives. Their gear ratios are laid out in close progression and the drives having a rugged capacity to cope with the shock and impact of intermittent loads.

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