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Bonfiglioli Transmission expands business operations

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The international Bonfiglioli industrial motors and drives group is building on the success of its Australasian operations by expanding stock and staff levels in both Australia and New Zealand.

The group which has grown global sales 75 per cent over the last five years is investing down under to further enhance service and delivery times after both Australia and New Zealand contributed record performances.

According to Bonfiglioli Transmission , the new investment of more than $A9 million in increased local stock levels, follows the large investment in it is new Australasian headquarters last year.

Completion of stage one of the new multi-million dollar facilities in Glendenning in Western Sydney is now being complemented by expanded investment in building up stock levels and engineering capabilities to respond to local needs.

This strong investment by Bonfiglioli in Australia and in NZ through its subsidiary branch is being undertaken to maintain the powerful momentum that has seen sales in Australasia more than double in little more than four years.

To extend this winning edge, Bonfiglioli has been authorised by its international group to direct further investment into engineering, design and warehousing resources.

This will ultimately include more assembly space in Sydney and an immediate 50 per cent rise in warehousing area through new high-level racking which takes full advantage of our 13.5m high roofline.

This is complemented by a new 12.5 tonne crane to facilitate assembly of larger gear units. Parallel investment will take place in New Zealand.

As well as having more stock on hand to cater for customer needs, Bonfiglioli is developing its facilities to accommodate more new technologies coming this year.

These will include Europe’s new advances in parallel helical and bevel helical gear reducers among them HDO and HDP types as well as the new series of Tecnoingranaggi low-backlash planetary drives and new ranges of Trasmital planetaries, whose parent group is the large manufacturer in Europe of planetary gearboxes.

Bonfiglioli in Italy produces more than 4000 gear reducers a day of all types and is an international technology leader, a role which it wishes to reinforce in Australasia through engineering expertise and investment.

Bonfiglioli’s new dedicated technical competence centre (the Drives Service Centre, DSC) in stage one of its Headquarters expansion is one of the new initiatives of this technical focus.

Customers can be linked to Bonfiglioli’s local and global expertise via the DSC and its 24/7 Mosaico online technology, which helps customers to optimise gearbox specification and design for specialised applications.

The work of the DSC in tailoring ranges to the needs of customers is also being complemented by the expansion of Bonfiglioli’s advanced technology branch in Melbourne where electronic drives are configured to radically enhance process control and facilitate the ongoing introduction of Mechatronics drives technology.

In New Zealand, where partner Saeco already maintains a high level of engineering capability under its agreement with Bonfiglioli, further investment is being made this year in expanded stocking levels and new assembly, painting and testing facilities.

These will be particularly important to primary processing, food, timber and export companies seeking to achieve international standards of hygiene, reliability and precision.

New engineering positions are currently being established in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland to focus on customer support and applications expertise.

Bonfiglioli boosted market share greatly in both countries by being responsive to customer needs, even in times of terrific demand for product particularly in the resources and infrastructure areas in Australia and across the board in New Zealand where primary processing, timber and exporting are standout performers.

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