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Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) to display Trasmital 321L5FZ drives at Bulkex 09

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Advanced heavy industrial drives will be introduced to Australasia by Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) at Bulkex 09, including the new HD helical drive series and the Trasmital planetary drive.

The new HDO160 bevel helical-mounted on a baseplate with fluid coupling brake and electric motor will be showcased along with the new modular design HD series. The HD series, assembled in capacities from 14,000 to 125,000 Nm will also be on display at Bulkex 09.

The Trasmital 321L5FZ drive, from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust), which offers up to 650,000Nm of torque for use on heavy duty applications, such as coal thickeners or winches will also be on show. The Trasmital series is suitable for heavy industries such as mining.

A Hi torque drive, which is a combination of Trasmital 319 planetary and HDO120 bevel helical is engineered for a wide variety of slow moving applications, such as shuttle drives, belt feeders, apron feeders, cranes and winches. A HDO140 with raised split casing, internal gears and bearings will also be displayed. The HDO bevel helical and HDP parallel shaft series is engineered for torque, high casing strength, long-life bearing technology and trouble-free operation.

A HDO alignment-free drive is engineered to provide a less expensive alternative to a base plate design. HDO drives in sizes of 100 to 140 and HDP drives in sizes of 60 to 140 will be on display.

According to Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust), the new bevel helical series offers performance with compact dimensions and flexibility. Gear cases constructed from nodular cast iron can ensure rigidity while gears are integrally ground finished on their profiles to ensure quiet and vibration-free operation in harsh conditions.

The HD series will be displayed along with the Trasmital 300 series planetaries at Bulkex 09. A cutaway Trasmital planetary will be shown at Bulkex 09 to demonstrate the drive train that makes them suitable for heavy duty applications.

Planetary gearbox combinations are available with peak torque outputs of more than a million Nm. Applications range from cranes and winches, conveyors and feeders, mixers, agitators or aerators, clarifiers and thickeners. The Trasmital configuration has multiple options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface. These features are available for each of the 18 spaced frame sizes, spanning over the 1.000 to 500.000 Nm torque range.

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) will showcase the following at Bulkex 09:

  • Versatile C helical, A bevel helical and F shaft-mounted helical (size 90): These drives feature high efficiency gears, sturdiness, quiet operation and a range of sizes, ratios and configurations to fit numerous applications, including materials handling and lifting equipment, roller conveyors, belt and chain conveyors, screw conveyors, mixers, aerators and batchers and industrial crane travel drives.
  • 715T modern slew drives for cranes, stacker-reclaimers and special equipment industries, including yaw and pitch drives for wind energy will be displayed.
  • Also on show will be 713C3B, a winch drive unit, which fits inside the winch drum.
  • Electronic Active range will display Vectron ACT 201 and 401 selectable vector drives. The ACT series of drives up to 132kW, suitable for industrial process applications will also be showcased.

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