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Bonfiglioli Alignment-Free Drives Save Time and Money for Lihir Gold

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Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) is part of the international Bonfiglioli Group.  

ThyssenKrupp Material Handling supports clients in large scale material handling applications, specifically in the areas of open pit mining, minerals processing and bulk material handling.  

The company contacted Bonfiglioli to supply drives for discharge and spillage conveyors at Lihir Gold Limited’s process plant expansion project in the New Ireland province of Papua New Guinea.  

The application consisted of two jaw crushing lines operating in parallel. Each line had two conveyors – one for discharging and the other for spillage. The discharge conveyors have a throughput of 1200wtph, while the spillage conveyors receive 20 per cent of that throughput in finer ores from spillage.

The upgrade aimed to increase total annual gold production on an average by approximately 240,000 ounces per annum from 2012 onwards over the remaining life of the operation.  

The general needs of the application were for 24/7 operation all through the year.  

Bonfiglioli Solution

Bonfiglioli has extended the versatility of its new HD series of advanced heavy duty drives by introducing an alignment-free configuration that cost-effectively integrates the motor and gearbox.  

The company’s recently expanded Drives Service Centre came up with an ‘Alignment-Free’ input design for the Lihir project, which eliminated the need for a costly baseplate.  

The alignment-free drives (AFD) are basically large bell housings that contain the fluid coupling as well as fan and provide a standard IEC interface for the flange-mounted motor.  

The new HD alignment-free drives join Bonfiglioli’s expanding range of Australasian-engineered mounting options for specific applications, offering an alternative to laser-aligned baseplate types that allow the use of close coupled IEC B5 flange-mounted motors up to a G315 frame size.  

The HD AFD combinations – with capacities up to 1722 kW and 150,000 Nm – complement Bonfiglioli’s Hi Torque drives and offer quick, trouble-free assembly as well as maintenance of high speed components including fans, fluid couplings and brakes.  

HD alignment-free drives can save both time and money in a range of applications because there is no need to laser-align the motor and gearbox shafts, says the Managing Director, Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia), Mr Malcolm Lewis.

In addition to reduced initial costs compared with traditional baseplate designs, the HD AFD configuration enhances serviceability by permitting high speed components to be removed and replaced without the need for re-alignment.

Applications include conveyor drives, shuttle drives, bucket elevators, inching drives and other materials handling equipment.

The HD AFD is produced in Australia on Bonfiglioli’s new production and testing line that cuts delivery times out of Europe by more than half for most models.  

Bonfiglioli’s HD drives series is a new generation of large industrial drives backed by more than three years of development to produce outstanding reliability and torque densities to record values, says Mr Lewis.  

The HDP Parallel Shaft and HDO Bevel Helical units are suitable for numerous mounting options and different applications such as materials handling, manufacturing, mining, quarrying and minerals processing, rural and food processing, paper, pumps, steel, sugar, timber, wrapping and stacking applications as well as water and wastewater treatment.

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