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Using a 1000kg SWL crane to lift 30kg is tantamount to using a hammer to crack an egg. Basically, it is the wrong tool for the job. Large cranes can be cumbersome and slow and workers will often decide that it is just easier to lift something manually, putting their back at risk, not to mention WorkCover premiums.

If an electric hoist or vacuum lifter is incorrectly specified it will likely go fast or with much force and, rather than the intended effect of making the job easier, end up being difficult and unpredictable to use. The same is true for a workstation crane.

A lot of people are under the wrong impression about the way a safe working load is determined for a workstation crane. Australian Standards 1418 require cranes to be over-engineered at a ratio of about 4:1. That is not to say lifting 120kg on a 30kg crane. The point is, all the safety rules have been put into place and workstation cranes are developed to correctly and appropriately lift their safe working load.

When specifying a crane, the engineer needs to know what is being lifted and how much it really weighs. They also need to know the type of hoist that will be used, but the weight of the hoist is generally not a factor in the safe working load.

When a crane is designed and built to correct specifications it will do what it was meant to do, make the job easier and safer.

Bomac and all its products are Australian owned, designed and fabricated.

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