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Vacuum lifter helps Big Bottle Wines

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Big Bottle Wines wanted to lift wine bottles approximately 600mm high, containing 9 litres of wine from a stillage and place each bottle in individual crates for transport. The bottles were too heavy for one person to lift and manoeuvre unaided.

With a focus on ergonomics, safety and efficiency, a solution was achieved.

Bomac Engineering designed a foot to overcome this problem and enable the operator to lift the wine bottle from the top, over the neck, with one hand.

Bomac realised it was important for its client’s operators to be part of the process for solving lifting issues regarding these oversized wine bottles and for them to be completely comfortable with the design of the equipment.

The vacuum lifter used for lifting each wine bottle was attached to a low-mass Altrac Jib crane. In conjunction with the low rolling resistance Trac Trolleys, this allows for easy slewing and positioning of the vacuum lifter.

The specific vacuum foot was designed for Big Bottle Wines’ specific product. Bomac can also design lifting solutions for packing a single (regular-sized) wine bottle, loading crates of wine onto a truck, or any other lifting and moving issues, faced at a vineyard.

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