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Vacuum lifter for doors available from Bomac

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A local door manufacturer went to Bomac with a difficult problem: their doors are manufactured with space for a window already cut out of them. The surface area was too small for a traditional vacuum lifter to handle the weight.

Bomac helped design a long, slender foot attachment and, with an overhead Altrac gantry crane, they were able to lift the doors and move them into the five access CNC machine.

This dual trunk door lifter is attached to an overhead bridge gantry made from Altrac aluminium rail system. The lightweight system was easily mounted to the building’s existing structure.

Bomac has created lift and move systems to accommodate a variety of products, including lifters for raw materials such as wood, metal, glass and finished products packed in bags, boxes or pallets. Lifting options include vacuum, electric and pneumatic lifters and hoists.

Altrac comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the purchaser can install. The track is self-cleaning and would not corrode or flake off. All Bomac Engineering products are compliant with Australian safety codes, including Crane Code AS1418.

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