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Trac Trolleys from Bomac Engineering

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Bomac Engineering offers a wide range of trolleys called Trac Trolleys, designed to run on its Altrac lightweight rail cranes.

Trolleys can be rated for up to 500kg, but two of these trolleys can be used in tandem to lift up to one tonne, 1000kg. The basic model of trolley comes with four-wheels, but six-wheel trolleys and ten-wheel trolleys are also available, when side guidance is required for easy movement of the load.

Bomac also offers a moterised trolley with patented friction drive. This device can be attached to many of Bomac’s existing trolleys and can accommodate the same SWL.

Other options for the Trac Trolleys include shielded, sealed or open bearings depending on the environment in which they will be used. Wheel options include steel, stainless steel or nylon for noise-reduction.

Standard side plates come powder coated red, but can also be finished with E-coat. This new finish, combined with stainless steel wheels and bearings, is ideal for use in sterile environments such as food and beverage processing.

One of the advantages to using Altrac over a standard enclosed track is that it is easy to add or remove trolleys anywhere along the track and they can be visually inspected. The round shape of the track combined with the design of the trolleys means that they have less than .05% rolling resistance and will not jam, even when running slewed or going around corners. All Bomac trolleys have been tested and meet or exceed all Australian Standards.

There are over 40 different trolleys available.

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