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StrongBac increases load capacity

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article image Increased load capacity

BOMAC Engineering has released a new product called StrongBac, which is designed for use with the Altrac extruded aluminium rail system.

StrongBac will increase the load capacity of Altrac without complicated installation or excess weight added.

Unlike heavier steel structures, StrongBac is constructed of aluminium and weighs less than 6kg per metre, which allows longer spans between supports. Altrac itself weighs less than 7kg per metre.

The addition of StrongBac will enable a load of 250kg to span 11.5m or 500kg over 9m without intermediate supports. It does not affect the rolling resistance of the trolleys, which remains under .05%.

This product is simple and relatively inexpensive to install and can be retro-fitted to existing tracks of Altrac.

StrongBac also increases the strength and span lengths for Altrac fall arrest systems, making it even easier to carry multiple users on the same rail. With a single user, it allows the fall arrest system to span almost 9m and can hold up to five users with a full 7.4m between supports.

Like the existing Altrac system, StrongBac comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the purchaser can install.

If necessary, Bomac engineers can install a system or upgrade an existing system.

StrongBac and Altrac can be easily extended for future use. The shape of the track makes it self-cleaning and the composition means it won't corrode or flake off.

All Bomac Engineering products are compliant with Australian safety codes, including Australian Crane Code AS1418.

Bomac and all its products are Australian owned, designed and fabricated.

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