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New expansion joint connector from Bomac Engineering

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A recent development to the Altrac bracket system is the Expansion joint connector.

This bracket was originally developed for the high temperature environment of the Adelaide Advertiser Building fall arrest system.

The design of this building includes a large glass atrium that is fully enclosed. The temperature of the area can exceed 75 degrees C.

Under these conditions, the aluminium Altrac rail expands and, with restrictive brackets, can twist and distort compromise the integrity of the system.

The high temperature system from Bomac Engineering holds the Altrac captive at one point while the expansion brackets allow it to move in either direction as it expands and then return as it contracts.

This keeps the overall properties of the rail intact so that when the temperature returns to a suitable level for people, workers are able to enter the area, they can safely access the glass atrium for cleaning and other maintenance.

On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, it is interesting to note that, unlike steel structures, aluminium actually increases in strength as the temperature decreases.

This makes Altrac cranes ideal for cold room situations with consistent low temperatures.

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