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Bomac on considerations for choosing a crane

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When selecting a crane, one should take several important requirements into consideration: application, manufacturing environment, physical restrictions of facilities, quality of the crane and long and short- tem costs.

It is important to make sure the engineer has all the details of the needs, so that they can put together a crane that suits one’s unique situation.

The application

The factors include the weight of the objects one will be lifting and moving, the height of the lift, length and width of the move and the duty cycle of the crane including how often and for how long it will be used.

The crane must suit current production line. One wants a crane that works with one’s your system; one does not want to come up with an entirely new system just to accommodate one tool.

The environment

Will the crane be used indoors or outdoors? Is the environment corrosive or have extreme temperatures? Is it going into a sterile environment such a food manufacturing?

The facilities

When determining the type of crane and how it will be installed, one must take into consideration the limitations of one’s facilities. The roof, wall or floor structure must be assessed to ensure it will hold the crane and its load.

Installation should also be taken into consideration. If you have to close down one’s factory, while someone installs a crane, one will lose a significant amount of working hours and therefore finished products.


The crane must meet the crane codes. Also consider the classification (C1 to C9) of the crane, which advises its lifespan and duty cycle.

Additional considerations include the quality and consistency of the crane’s material, the in-house quality control, and the testing process. Where the crane is manufactured may also impact its quality.


The price of the crane is only the first part of this equation. One also must add in the cost of installation, maintenance, and the possibility for future expansion.

Copy of the full version of the white paper How to Select the Right Crane for your Business is available with Bomac .

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