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Bomac Engineering unveils E-coat

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Bomac Engineering has launched a new finish for Altrac Trac Trolleys, called electrocoat. Electrocoat or E-coat is a cleaner, longer-lasting finish with several distinct benefits.

E-coat process is literally an electronic coating – the steel trolley side plates and the paint itself are oppositely charged (one positive and the other negative) which then bond together. This creates a smooth, even cover over the entire surface.

Practical benefits include resistance to chipping, scratching and rusting. E-coat also has environmental benefits as the process produces little hazardous pollutants and waste.

E-coat is now available on any current model of Trac Trolley and will be recommended rather than the copper-nickel-chrome composite (CNC) finish, particularly for food grade applications.

Other trolley options that can be combined with e-coat side plates include shielded or sealed steel bearings with steel wheels or nylon tyres or, for food and beverage processing, stainless steel bearings with stainless steel wheels.

E-coat trolleys are currently available in any colour you wish, as Henry Ford reportedly said about his Model T cars, as long as it's black.

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