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Bomac Engineering introduces double bridge gantry crane

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Bomac Engineering has designed a roof-mounted double bridge gantry crane to move foam-injected refrigeration panels. A single gantry crane is used to load the panels into the foam-injecting press machine, unload the finished panels, and then pack them for shipping.

The lightweight construction of the aluminium Altrac rail allowed the gantry crane to be mounted to the existing roof structure. With the addition of Strongbac, the crane was able to carry the weight on a wide bridge with long distances between supports.

StrongBac allows a 500kg SWL gantry crane to have a bridge over nine meters long, and the side rails to span that same length between supports. With a 250kg SWL, the span of the gantry crane increases to twelve meters.

The lifting mechanism used in the project is also unique in that it functions as an independent vacuum pack and does not require an external pump. This provides a much larger range of movement, allowing it to travel the length and width of the gantry crane.

Altrac comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the purchaser can install. The track is self-cleaning and would not corrode or flake off. All Bomac Engineering products are compliant with Australian safety codes, including Crane Code AS1418.

Bomac is Australian owned, and its products are Australian designed, sourced and fabricated.

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