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Altrac Light Weight Crane Needs No Structural Upgrades

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A Bomac Altrac light crane outperforms heavier alternative to lift 500kg for half the price. 

A glass facility needed a crane to lift glass panels up to 500kg in weight.  

A 3 tonne SWL motorised crane was the lightest they were initially able to find.

This crane would have to be freestanding, they were told, and their current floor was not suitable to handle the load.

After spending a large amount having a new concrete floor poured, the company became aware that they could get a lighter crane for their facilities.  

In the end, they had a roof mounted Altrac gantry crane with a 500kg SWL installed for the same price as the floor upgrade.

This is about half the price they would have had to pay for the originally specified 3 tonne crane.  

The light crane gave them several advantages over the large one, in addition to a lower price tag.

The crane was able to be mounted in the existing roof structure, without any upgrades necessary, keeping all floor space available.

It was also able to cover a larger area than the large crane would have, and had the same high duty cycle (in fact all Altrac products are rated C9).  

The low dead mass of the light crane made it possible to move even a 500kg load manually with very little effort, actually making the movement of the glass panels quicker than the large crane, which would have had to be motorised.

This also decreased other risk factors and potential maintenance issues associated with the live wires in the motorised bridge.  

Altrac comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the purchaser can install. The track is self-cleaning and won’t corrode or flake off.

All Bomac Engineering products are compliant with Australian safety codes, including AS 1418 Crane Codes.  

Bomac and all its products are Australian owned, designed and fabricated.

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