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Damage-free load handling with the Intelligent Carton Clamp

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article image The ETX-G3S series of Intelligent Carton Clamps ensures safe, quick and easy handling operations.

MANY people are not aware that the traditional method of handling appliances and cartons through clamping and lifting with a fork lift can lead to products being crushed and damaged.

If operators use their own judgement to control how much force the attachment should exert, there is a possibility that the hydraulically applied force will damage the product.

One of the major causes of damage to white goods is through incorrect clamping, and yet many warehouses do not realise that force can be easily adjusted to solve this problem.

In principle each load and handling operation requires a specific clamping force setting and is made possible with an automatic, intelligent clamping force control.

The fundamental purpose of intelligent clamping is to transfer the control of the clamping force from the operator to the computer on the clamp which will automatically determine the minimum force required to lift the product, irrespective of the number, size and weight of the products.

The Bolzoni Auramo solution to excessive clamping problems is the ETX-G3S series of Intelligent Carton Clamps, which ensures safe, quick and easy handling operations.

The ETX-G3S series has been designed for safe and damage-free handling with the most common application fields in the high-volume carton boxes and white goods handling.

The series uses an advanced sensor technology that identifies the number of units, the load dimensions and configuration consequently selecting the initial working pressure.

The load identification system includes opening sensors to identify the number of units wide, slip sensors to identify the number of units deep and infrared sensors to identify the number of units high.

The slip sensors located on the contact pads detect any load slippage at the lowest level and send the information to the control unit.

The control unit also instructs a proportional valve to increase the hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinder and consequently the clamping force between the arms with an instantaneous reaction time.

The Intelligent Carton Clamp benefits include:

* Total automatic clamping force control

* Effective and accurate clamping control

* Minimises clamping force during all handling

* Instantaneous clamping force increase upon dynamic load situations

* Fully computerised control system with an internal CAN-bus

* Automatic clamp positioning control

* Automatic real-time sensor diagnostics.

The Intelligent Carton Clamp operates in a similar way as a conventional carton clamp whereby the forklift driver controls the opening and closing of the clamps and the load lifting during all handling conditions.

Compared to a conventional clamp, however, the Intelligent Carton Clamp is able to control and automatically adjust the pressure in the clamping cylinders after the forklift driver has clamped and lifted the load.

The control unit indicates to the driver the operational status of the clamp. Any load movement is detected by slip sensors, which send information to the controller unit.

The Intelligent Carton Clamp uses the latest hydraulics, electronics and microprocessor technology for effective and accurate clamp operation control.

The system can be fine tuned according to the customer’s requirements: minimum and maximum clamping forces are pre-determined according to the load specifications.

The Intelligent Carton Clamp Features include:

* Strong durable T-profiles

* Aluminium arm pads with rubber lining

* Oscillating arm pads

* Microprocessor technology to control clamp operations.

The Intelligent Carton Clamp Options include a Display Unit that is used for on-line diagnostics and for monitoring and adjusting the system configurations.

The unit displays on-line diagnostic testing, handling status, clamping force, operational testing, system configuration adjustments and has a multi-language display.

A Memory Module automatically collects handling history data into a log file. The handling history data contains information about handling sequences and up to 10,000 handling records can be stored into the module. The handling history data can then be analysed with the Handling History Analyser (CHHA) and can include: day, month, year, time, maximum applied clamping force and load movements.

Handling History Analyser (CHHA) is a graphical windows-based program that allows handling history data to be downloaded to the external computer for analysis and printing.

The CHHA analyses the handling history data and displays it in a graphic format for easy deduction of any abnormalities in the handling operations. The CHHA is supplied together with the optional Memory Module.

The ETX-G3S Intelligent Carton Clamp series is available from Bolzoni or Eurolift’sSouth Australian branch (08 8346 3555).

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