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Structural panels and urethane moulding products from Bolwell Corporation

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Bolwell Corporation  offers quality urethane moulding products under the brand name of Quest Australia. Quest Australia designs, manufactures and supplies production mouldings. Bolwell Corporation also specialises in providing designing and tooling services. All the products, manufactured by Bolwell Corporation, are accepted in the society because of their designs and quality.

The urethane moulding products, supplied by Bolwell Corporation are available in beautiful paint colours and finishes. The urethane moulding products can integrate various complex designs such as surface detail, company logos and undercuts. These designs are integrated to produce unique and sophisticated products. Rigid foams, flexible foams, moulded urethane seals and many other products are also provided by Bolwell Corporation.

The structural panel division, at Bolwell Corporation, manufactures quality structural panels. These panels are manufactured as per the specifications given by the customers.
Bolwell Corporation manufactures these structural panels using fibreglass or plywood as skin of the structural panels and honeycomb or stryrofoam is used as cores. The thickness of the structural panels range from twenty five millimetres to one hundred millimetres

These structural panels are ideal to be used for various applications such as caravans, enclosed trailers, architectural, caravans, horse floats, refrigerated transport and many other structural uses. These are vacuum bagged structural panels or large flat tables.

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