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Composite manufacturing and vacuum forming services from Bolwell Corporation

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Bolwell Corporation  manufactures composites that require low tooling cost. These are highly strong and efficient composites. Bolwell Corporation also provides composite manufacturing services to many industries and sectors.

The process used, in the manufacture of composites, is based on the volume of the production and configuration. Various materials that are used for the manufacture of composites include vinylester, phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins in combination with fibreglass or carbon reinforcements as per customers’ specifications and preferences. Bolwell Corporation follows ‘just in time’ process where quality systems are delivered to the customers within the minimum possible time.

Bolwell Corporation has also been awarded twice as ‘Supplier-of-the-Year’. Bolwell Corporation is expanding itself by opening new offices. Lightweight RTM, a closed mould process, provides smooth finish and uniform thickness to both the faces of composites. This process minimises the wastage and reduce emissions.

Bolwell Corporation has also supplied various interior components for new Xtrapolis Connex Trains. Various doors and window trims were manufactured from the fire retardant resins. These window trims and doors were efficient sub-assemblies that can be used anytime.

The vacuum forming services, provided by Bolwell Corporation, uses different kinds of moulding materials such as kydex, acrylic, styrene, polycarbonate and polyethylene. Bolwell Corporation manufactures various tools using these materials as per the specifications given by the customers.

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