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Parking systems and auto doors from Bollinger & Company

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The automated pay and park system, offered by Bollinger & Company , can be scaled and used for large car park. ‘Elegance barrier’, a heavy-duty barrier from Bollinger & Company, can be used for various intensive uses. Bollinger & Company provides various parking systems. The ‘elegance barrier’ is provided by Bollinger & Company, in durable chromate steel housing. The speed of this barrier can be controlled by a microprocessor.

Elegance barrier has a strong mechanism that allows around ten thousand operations every day. This barrier can also be connected easily with serial network control to operate multiple gates manually.

The ‘automatic cashier’, provided by Bollinger & Company is capable to accept up to fourteen different kinds of coins. This automatic cashier is a programmable automatic recharge cashier and provided with a safe container that has the capacity of five hundred coins. This automatic cahier can also accept payments with time vouchers and discounts. Payments through credit cards can also be accepted.

The ‘Elegance ticket dispensers’ and ‘Classic barriers’ are also provided by Bollinger & Company. Various other parking systems are also offered by Bollinger & Company. Bollinger & Company also manufactures ‘Revolving Doors’. These revolving doors help increasing safety and energy savings. These doors also control the noise and pedestrian traffic flow.

The revolving doors of ‘Exeo series’ are also offered by Bollinger & Company. These revolving doors are provided with two activation shearing sensors. Two low energy push buttons are also there in these revolving doors to provide access to disabled users. Some optional accessories, provided with these revolving doors, are external handles, door base, down lights, anti-contact sensors, rain proof coverings and break away non panic system.

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