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Boom gates and turnstiles from Bollinger & Company

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The turnstiles, provide by Bollinger & Company , are based on recent technology. The BAR turnstile is a well-known equipment. ‘BAR SKR’ has three basic lines of bar turnstile. ‘Bar-EC’ is an efficient, space saving turnstile. ‘Bar-ST’ and ‘Bar-GX’ are the beautifully designed exclusive turnstiles that re suitable for all types of environments and representative interiors.

Bollinger & Company uses stainless steel in the manufacture of BAR turnstiles. This enhances the overall appearance of the BAR turnstile. BAR-SKR is cost-effective turnstile that can be installed easily.

These BAR turnstiles, provided by Bollinger & Company, are the ideal solutions to be used in the areas where rapid access control and high volume are required. This BAR turnstile is comfortable and convenient mechanical security equipment that provides high level of personal safety. These BAR turnstile can also be equipped with anti-panic devices in the event of power failure.

The ‘Easy Gate’ is a reliable and strong access control. These access controls can be directed to one or two direction by control setting. The ‘Easy Gate’ access control is available in beautiful finishes at Bollinger & Company.

Various boom gates such as ‘BGV 3m series Boom Gate LH’ are fully welded stainless steel boom gates, provided by Bollinger & Company. The ‘BGV 6m series Boom Gate LH’ are provided with a lubricated gearbox and a heavy duty fan cooled motor. These boom gates require low maintenance cost and perform efficiently.

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