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Boge releases new oil-free screw compressors

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Boge Compressors announces its latest range of oil-free screw compressors designed to produce oil-free compressed air for sensitive applications.

Available in the 45 - 90 kW range, the water-cooled screw compressors in Boge's new SO series use state-of-the-art technology to produce oil free compressed air. Their intelligent design and innovative cooling principle give them an edge in everyday use, providing a reliable supply of oil-free compressed air with lower energy costs, and reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

Boge's new SO series is ideal for generating oil-free compressed air in particularly sensitive areas of production, such as the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and semiconductor industries.

Key advantages of Boge’s SO series of oil-free screw compressors include lower energy consumption, using up to eight percent less energy while still generating up to six percent more compressed air; up to three decibels quieter in operation; and IE3 premium efficiency class motors that not only save energy but also ensure long-term generation of a sustainable, cost-optimised supply of compressed air.

The use of a two-stage airend, with a low pressure and a high-pressure stage, is responsible for the extremely low specific power consumption of these compressors. The rotors are finished with a durable coating that prevents corrosion in the rotors and housing.

Benefits also include easily accessible components ideally positioned in the compressor's cooling air stream; small footprint with removable side doors, needing only minimal clearance at the sides; use of high-grade materials as well as reduced number of wear parts, minimising maintenance costs and prolonging service life; and radial fan used to vent the hood providing powerful intake of air that allows longer exhaust air ducts to be used for quieter operation. 

All models are available with an optional cowl cooler or heat recovery system.

All 45 - 90 kW rated models in the SO series oil-free screw compressors are also available with frequency control to perfectly match compressed air output to the actual demand at any time. In peak load operation, or where compressed air demand fluctuates, or storage volume is limited, this optional feature lowers energy costs, since the amount of free air delivered by the compressor is adjusted by continuously varying the motor speed. This saves wear and tear on materials, minimises maintenance costs and reduces reaction times in operation.

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