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Bobcat excavator packer wheel attachment

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article image The packer wheel attachment -- adds versatility.

BOBCAT Australia has released the packer wheel attachment for use on the 325-341 compact excavators and the 607, 709, 8709 and 811 skid-steer mounted backhoes with the bolt-on X-Change mount only.

The wheel adds versatility to an excavator or backhoe attachment by reducing the need for conventional compaction equipment and promoting on-the-job safety by eliminating the need for a person working in the trench.

The open rim sheep foot design utilises the weight of the wheel and down pressure from the carrier to achieve compaction, without the need for auxiliary hydraulics.

The open rim design also enables the wheel to penetrate through the lift of trench fill and compact the soil from the bottom up rather than the top down, and eliminates bridging and voids in the compacted trench.

It also features a field-serviceable and replaceable bearing inside the wheel hub. The excavator and backhoe boom and dipper functions are used to roll the wheel through the trench.

Depth of lift can vary subject to soil conditions, i.e.; moisture content or clay versus granular etc. However, six to ten passes over the material should be sufficient to achieve 95 per cent or greater density in normal conditions.

The operator, after using the packer wheel for a reasonable amount of time, can normally tell if the required compaction has been obtained through the feel of the machine's hydraulic controls.

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