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Measuring and test technology development by Blum-Novotest

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Blum-Novotest  is one of the leading developers of innovative as well as quality testing and measuring technology. Blum-Novotest has gained fourty years of experience in this industry. Blum-Novotest has a division, known as’ Measuring Components’ that develops and produces efficient measuring and testing technology for various machine tools.

The laser measuring systems and touch probes, offered by Blum-Novotest, are useful for breakage detection and tool setting. These are efficient laser measuring systems. The touch probes are ideal for detecting the breakage of the tools and work- piece measurement. The touch probes, provided by Blum-Novotest, can also be used in machining centres for contour measurement.

Blum-Novotest also offers unique solutions for geometric or dimensional measurement and crack testing. ‘Novotest’ is a test engineering division at Blum-Novotest which is engaged into designing, planning, engineering and manufacturing efficient test benches for endurance, function and lifetime testing for hydraulics, automotive and aircraft industries. This division produces and engineers test stands primarily for pulse, gearboxes and burst test stands.

Some of the products, offered by Blum-Novotest, are bore gauges, temperature sensors, laser controls, touch probes and form controls. All of these controls, sensors and probes are used for various different applications. Apart from this various other products are also offered by Blum-Novotest.

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