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Blueprint Concepts on neon signs

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A quality neon sign starts with a good design. Blueprint Concepts have many different uses for neon, some that people did not even realise it is neon.

Neon is used in many different ways, including simple neon signs, fabricated letters (or 3D letters) and lighting places that normal lighting may not fit.

Your neon sign is sure to standout because of careful design and quality neon lights.

Some general information about Neon

Straight glass tubes are heated with special torches, and carefully bent into shape. Neon is manufactured by hand from glass tubing. Bombarding the neon tubes involves connecting the neon to a vacuum pump, and connecting the electrode ends to high voltage leads.

As the tube cools, the vacuum pump removes everything inside the tube until the pressure reaches at least 1 micron.

Next the rare neon or argon gas is added to the tube to the correct pressure for the diameter of tubing used.

There are two rare gases that are commonly used in neon lighting today, argon and neon. There are different types of phosphor coatings on the inner surface of the neon tubing that glow different colours when the light passes through them.

Neon gas, when energised gives off the characteristic intense orange red glow we are all familiar with.

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