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Blueprint Concepts: Things to know about Polystyrene

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Polystyrene is a lightweight indoor or temporary outdoor signage solution. Using polystyrene outdoors is a great temporary solution as it is cheap and quick to manufacture/customise, although it is not a permanent solution as it can be damaged reasonably easy. Some typical uses for polystyrene include the following:

  • Special events
  • Trade shows
  • Directional and informational signage
  • Low cost signage
  • Industrial signage

Polystyrene – What is it made from?

Polystyrene is a polymer made from the monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum. At room temperature, polystyrene is normally a solid thermoplastic, but can be melted at higher temperature for molding or extrusion, then resolidified. Styrene is an aromatic monomer, and polystyrene is an aromatic polymer.

Polystyrene is such a lightweight material that it can be installed in many different places at such ease. It can be installed with simple things like double sided tape which make it ideal for a quick solution to your signage needs.

Installation and care

Polystyrene is great for signage, although it cannot be installed externally for permanent use. It also is not ideal for installation of Polystyrene at heights where it can be touched and prodded as it is quite a soft material that can be picked apart. 

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