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Retiring university lecturer Stuart Helliwell has found a way to put waves on his roof, with the help of some innovative local design work and some lightweight framing made from Truecore steel. 

Moving from Wagga to Long Beach on NSW’s south coast to their dream beach side residence, Stuart and his wife specifically asked for steel framing and roof cladding as a way to get the modern and interesting look they wanted for their home.

The roof will have six separate roof sections, to be clad in Colorbond steel, each forming a curving wave. These will provide an impressive cover to the split-level open plan house, which internally will again benefit from framing made from Truecore steel because of the spanning capability it gives the structure. The house will have a large open living area, ideal for casual beach living and for entertaining when friends and relatives come to stay, something the Helliwell’s are expecting a lot of. 

According to Stuart, using steel for the framing was really the only option because of the look he wanted. The house has a very contemporary, beachy feel and it seems to fit the environment at Long Beach perfectly. Also, on a practical maintenance level, he is confident the curving roof design will help prevent the build up of leaves, which does spoil the look of a building, clog up drains and pose a bushfire risk.

Colorbond steel was the only realistic option for the roof cladding because of its modern look that suited the innovative roof design. Also, it made practical sense for the future offering long-term durability and ease of maintenance. 

According to local building designer who designed the house, Stewart wanted something functional, but that would stand out too, which this kind of design really does well. It’s definitely a good fit for the area. 

House frames made from Truecore steel are strong, lightweight and have spanning capabilities, which lends itself well to designs for modern open plan living. They are extremely durable, not warping, rotting or twisting over time, and can’t be eaten by termites. Because of this house frames made from Truecore steel are thought of as future considerate and are ideally placed to meet environmental and building design regulations. 

Stewart’s house, due for completion at Christmas, was built by Aussie Steel Homes, a fast growing company on NSW’s south coast. 

According to Aussie Steel Homes, this is a great example of how people are embracing steel products, for both creative and functional reasons. Their business is booming in NSW and all the people who come to us do appear to have similar, and high expectations. They want style, innovation, but also durability and peace of mind. 

Aussie Steel Homes business comes from direct referrals and from people driving past a house they like the look of, and enquire after. That alone is keeping Aussie Steel Homes more than busy.
Another company being kept busy is Aussie Steel Home’s sister company Truss Steel, which manufactures the frames made from Truecore steel at its facility in Moruya, near Nowra. 

According to the company, Steel frames are definitely growing in popularity because of the different benefits they bring. From the architect designing the house, to the builder on site and the proud homeowner, steel house frames made from Truecore steel seem to tick all the boxes. And keeping up with demand is a nice problem to have.

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