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Termite-resistant steel house frames from Bluescope Steel

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article image Termite-resistant steel house frames

Residents of Tamworth and surrounding areas are turning to termite-resistant steel house frames to help ensure the long-term strength and durability of their homes.

Steel house frames, made from the recently launched TRUECORE steel are termite-resistant, non-combustible from BlueScope Steel.

Also, they benefit homeowners because they do not rot, warp or twist over time, problems which can cause both structural and cosmetic issues.

Indeed, local demand for them in Tamworth has drawn one of the state’s leading and many progressive builders, McDonald Jones Homes, to the area where its range of quality, architect-designed house styles are proving popular.

“A person’s home is typically their large investment, so why not do everything possible to make sure it stays structurally sound for years to come?” asked Phil Haigh, sales and marketing director at McDonald Jones Homes.

“A lot of effort goes into making your dream home, so I would encourage everyone to insist on steel frames so that the dream lives on well into the future”.

McDonald Jones Homes, which operates up the state’s central and north coast, started using steel for its frames five years ago and now uses them in 98% of its homes.

Such innovative and customer friendly materials have played an important part in the company’s phenomenal growth, believes Phil.

This growth can be seen in an impressive 100% increase in building sales over the past twelve months.

Steel is increasingly used on other parts of the house too. Roofing made from COLORBOND steel is rising in popularity as are steel water tanks to store rainwater.

“We make a point of always looking for what we call ‘future considerate’ products and techniques,” said Phil. “Things that our customers get excited about when they build a home, and get peace of mind from over the course of its life.

Frames made from TRUECORE steel are a perfect example.

“Tamworth’s residents are discerning and in addition to durability that frames made from TRUECORE steel offer, they value other environmental considerations too.

Steel frames, for instance, are well positioned to meet environmental and building design regulations for any block of land.

For all sites, waste is minimised because the frames are pre-fabricated. Also, they are 100% recyclable.

“To us it seems like a no-brainer and for the people of Tamworth, it seems that too.”

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