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Sustainable steel available from Blue Scope

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article image Sustainable steel at the Ecovillage

 Blue Scope and Colorbond steel are being used for the Ecovillage project.

Also, all homes feature gutters, fascia and downpipes made from Colorbond steel as well as a BlueScope Water rainwater tank to efficiently collect all rainwater run off and minimise water wastage.

A new benchmark has been set in ecologically sustainable development by innovative development company, Landmatters with the creation of Australia’s self-sufficient residential community of its size, the Ecovillage at Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Situated just 7km from the water’s edge, the 110-hectare, the Ecovillage which recently won sustainable development in Queensland by the UDIA, is one of the large and fully sustainable communities in the world with 144 eco-homes and numerous facilities around a small village centre.

As a Queensland Government Energywise and Waterwise demonstration project, the aim of the development is to preserve and enhance the current beauty of the site by improving biodiversity, nurturing regeneration of the land and becoming a leading example of sustainable community living.

Solar power has been harnessed to provide energy for the homes and roofing made from Colorbond steel is used across the development to help achieve thermal efficiency and meet the requirements of today’s sustainable building practices.

Roofing made from Colorbond steel is ideal for sustainable projects as it is energy efficient, durable, 100 per cent recyclable and climatically orientated to give maximum comfort and minimum energy use to the homeowner by keeping heat out of the home in summer and in the home in winter.

According to Landmatters, when designing the Ecovillage, the main concern was that it would be self-sufficient in energy consumption, water use and wastewater recycling.

In order to achieve this, it was important to choose building materials such as roofing and rainwater goods made from COLORBOND steel that could help deliver sustainable living.

According to BlueScope Steel, Colorbond steel has long been recognised for its suitability for projects of this nature.

In this instance, the roofing, gutters, fascia, downpipes and tanks made from Colorbond steel all help to maximise the re-use of rainwater and therefore reduce the strain on limited water resources.

Roofing made from Colorbond steel can help the environment further by reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter by being thermally efficient.

As well as focusing on sustainable housing, the Ecovillage is committed to maintaining the community’s surrounding wildlife with 80% of the site dedicated open-space and 50% of this environmental reserve.

The Ecovillage is a Queensland Government Energywise and Waterwise demonstration project, part of the Sustainable Urban Development programme joint initiative between the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Urban Development Institute of Australian (UDIA).

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