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Steel sub flooring on the rise in QLD

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WITH flat land development opportunities becoming scarcer in many parts of Queensland, builders and property developers are turning to steel sub flooring to help them build on slopes and hillsides.

As these sites can be notoriously difficult to build on, many building professionals are opting for steel sub flooring made from GALVASPAN steel as an alternative solution to concrete slabs and timber.

Tony Mason, market development manager at BlueScope Steel , makers of GALVASPAN steel, says he has recently had an increasing number of enquiries from property developers in the area about the benefits of using steel over traditional sub flooring materials. As there are less available sites for development in Queensland due to a surge in developments, companies are looking for alternative locations to build on, such as on sloping ground.

Steel sub flooring is well suited to hillside building as the quality is consistent throughout the floor, giving the designer confidence that it will take the load of the house without warping, twisting or shrinking and that the subsequent framing and flooring built on top will remain straight and strong.

A home with steel sub flooring made from GALVASPAN steel can be built above the land in any height, shape or form giving developers greater choice when designing a property and allowing owners to extend on their home.

Choosing to build on a hillside with steel flooring minimises interference with natural contours and allows rainwater to run naturally down the hillside so that soil runoff and damage to the ground is reduced.

Ken Watson, executive director of the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH), says that steel sub flooring offers a lightweight, high strength solution which can economically span much further than traditional methods of construction. He says builders quickly adapt to the new material and find steel sub floors both fast and easy to install.

Steel sub flooring made from GALVASPAN steel is best used in conjunction with frames and roof trusses made from TRUECORE steel to optimise lightweight construction and create a strong, durable framework on which to build a home.

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