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Pump dosing the digital way

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GRUNDFOS digital dosing pumps provide an easy to operate, reliable and safe system, with smooth and gentle dosing, that can be operated by advanced fieldbus communications.

Digital dosing the Grundfos way sets new standards in dosing. Until now, digital dosing has been a slow and difficult process to reach the exact dosage required for your system to be safe and economical. Much of it has been guesswork, and trial and error.

Grundfos Digital Dosing means that, when the required dose has been chosen, the pump sets precisely at the required discharge level. This gives high dosage quality and better and more economical results.

Simply set the pump to provide the dosage in millilitres or litres.

The pump can be run at full capacity at any time, making maintenance and priming easier. The pump automatically returns to its previous setting after the priming and flushing.

A network system can be used to set and monitor the pump via an integrated fieldbus module, thus giving total flexibility.

The dosing pump range offers dosing from two millilitres an hour to 48 litres an hour.

Operating the system is easy. The digital display shows the actual dosage the pump is set to supply and, by using the arrow keys, the user can increase or decrease dosage to meet requirements. There are no nobs to turn or calculations to make.

The advanced Grundfos microprocessor then translates the electronic setting into the mechanical action of the unique motor-crank technology. Via a belt drive, an eccentric and a connecting rod, there is direct contact between the motor and the diaphragm at all times - both in the suction and discharge phases.

This diaphragm is screwed into the connecting rod and it is the control over the position and action of the diaphragm that makes many of the features of Digital Dosing possible.

A DME dosing pump offers manual control, full pulse control, analog 4-20mA control, timer-based batch control, pulse-based batch control switch-mode power supply.Grundfos 08 8461 4611.

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