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BLUESCOPE Steel Limited spends a significant amount of time and effort researching and testing gutters, fascia and downpipes. Across Australia, over 18,000 COLORBOND steel testing panels are regularly monitored to ensure the quality and longevity of the company's rainwater goods.

BlueScope Steel's technical and research arm includes more than 60 scientists, physicists and metallurgists around Australia who continually research, test and improve the performance and durability of rainwater goods made from COLORBOND steel.

To do this they monitor gutters, fascia, downpipes, flashing and accessory products, such as clips and brackets, and study two key areas: exposure, via the affect of ultraviolet light and a range of weather conditions, and corrosion.

Results from this research ensures that rainwater goods made from COLORBOND steel continue to develop and meet specific and stringent market needs. For the homeowner, this means products won't crack, peel, or flake over time. Also, being part of the COLORBOND steel family means that they complement other products such as roofing, walling and fencing made from COLORBOND steel.

Manu Siitonen, marketing manager at BlueScope Steel, explains that the research and development invested in products largely determines their success. Builders need to be confident that they are using the very best, which is something BlueScope’s ongoing research ensures.

Gutter and fascia products made from COLORBOND steel come to the market with years of expert thinking and testing behind them, says Manu. Further, rainwater products are more than just standard inclusions on a project. Each element is a critical part of the total roofing system.

Manu adds that when combined, all elements must work together to ensure the installed roof performs as it should - and for a long time. However, if one part fails, the whole roofing system fails, leading to call backs and unhappy customers.

COLORBOND steel remains the market leader through BlueScope Steel's extensive research program, with over 90% of new Australian homes featuring at least one rainwater product made it.

To back up this quality and the durability it ensures, BlueScope Steel offers a 12 year warranty from the date of installation for gutters made from COLORBOND steel.

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