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Challenging military project uses ZINCALUME steel from BlueScope Steel in long lengths

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article image Lavarack Army Barracks

ZINCALUME steel sheets from BlueScope Steel were installed at a military project in Townsville, Queensland.

The Lavarack Army Barracks redevelopment project sets a high standard for Australian military architecture with its distinctive design achieved through the use of a range of materials made from ZINCALUME steel.

The site also posed unique challenges, which required military-like precision to ensure correct installation of the steel roofing sheets to achieve the required aesthetic.

Steel sheeting installers, SPD Contracting had to work with 43.9-metre lengths of LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HIGH STRENGTH steel roofing made from ZINCALUME steel.

SPD Contracting learned that BlueScope LYSAGHT had a rear-steer bogey extendable trailer for delivering these long roof-sheet lengths at the project site.

According to SPD Contracting Director, Trevor Smedley, up to 25 men were needed per sheet to lift these long spans into position on the roof, but the job was accomplished successfully in just one day.

BVN Architecture, the architects behind the design believed that the material also possessed a military-like aesthetic making it an ideal fit for the redevelopment. BVN Architecture Brisbane Senior Associate, Scott Hardcastle explains that ZINCALUME steel references qualities such as strength, durability, toughness and directness, all of which are intrinsic to the Australian Army.

ZINCALUME steel has provided a range of benefits at various stages of the project redevelopment. The profiled cladding and roofing has widely been adopted as a cost-effective and low-maintenance external armour that can withstand the robust Army environment and extreme Townsville climate.

Materials including LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK, SPANDEK, CUSTOM ORB and MINI ORB profiles made from LYSAGHT ZINCALUME steel in Zincalume finish were chosen for Lavarack Army Barracks due to their durability, light weight, thermal efficiency and easy fabrication.

Another project at Lavarack Barracks required SPD Contracting to install over 32,000m² of roof sheeting and 8,200m² of wall cladding made from ZINCALUME steel.

ZINCALUME steel is sold by BlueScope Steel in Australia and is wholly made in Australia for the Australian market. Designed for Australian conditions using high-tech manufacturing facilities and quality control processes, ZINCALUME steel can reliably meet, or more likely exceed Australian Standards.

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