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COLORBOND steel preferred by builders

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Australian builders and renovators are turning to COLORBOND steel as their cladding material of choice because of its versatility and ease of use on site.
From small builds through to large developments, COLORBOND steel is ideal for roofing, walling, fencing, guttering and fascia because it is lightweight and easy to work with in a number of areas.
Sheets of COLORBOND steel are easy to transport because of their low weight and their efficient stacking capacity, an important consideration for builders working in both urban and rural locations.
Once on site, the COLORBOND sheets are then easy to lift and handle by the building team. When working at heights, this can have significant OH&S advantages, minimising strains and optimising workflow with the first sheet screwed on providing an effective work platform for installing subsequent sheets and controlling clear zones for waste through pre-measured material take offs.
Once secured, no secondary processing, such as painting sealing or pointing, is needed with steel as it is already pre-painted and securely fastened. As the roof will be automatically washed by rainwater, no further cleaning is required. For walls and fences made from COLORBOND steel, an occasional hose down might be needed, but again there is no need for costly or time consuming maintenance.

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