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The final development at Australand’s Greystanes Business Hub has been completed and has turned the traditional look of a warehouse on its head with the clever use of walling made from COLORBOND steel.

The estate, a result of collaboration between Australand’s in-house design team and Sydney firm Architect Vaughn Lane, is located 30km from Sydney near the M4 motorway and features a stunning new 9,400sqm warehouse and offices, which will be used for the storage and distribution of goods.

The building’s aesthetic appeal comes in the form of a checkerboard effect using walling panels made from COLORBOND steel in the profile CUSTOM ORB. As the use of rotated wall panels was a first for both the architect and rollformer, custom flashings had to be created especially to enable the façade to perform as a single watertight skin.

According to the architect, the design intent with the warehouse walls was to create giant panels in a checkerboard composition to break down the scale of the warehouse elevation.

Walling made from COLORBOND steel was chosen for this due to the range of colours and profiles available which helped to create the effect and turn an otherwise ordinary looking building into an eye-catching masterpiece. Also, it was used for its ability to span large distances with a lightweight structure whilst remaining cost effective and easy to construct.

According to BlueScope Steel, the new warehouse at Greystanes is a good example of the unusual ways in which walling made from COLORBOND steel can be used. As well as being a strong, durable and easy to use product, walling made from COLORBOND steel can be used to improve the aesthetics of a building and allow designers to create something really special.

Walling made from COLORBOND steel is available in a range of 20 colours.

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