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BlueScope’s Truecore steel used for upgrading Custom Steel Frames’ factory

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New South Wales’ steel framing company, Custom Steel Frames, has upgraded its Dubbo factory in order to double production capacity and satisfy the growing demand for house frames made from Truecore steel.

One of the state’s long established manufacturers of steel frames, Custom Steel Frames, makes steel building frames for both residential and commercial projects.

The upgrade sees the company grow its 2-acre site to 4.7 acres, with a new capacity to produce up to 5,000 tonnes of steel framing per year.

The new manufacturing facility has all new machinery, much of it built by Custom Steel Frames itself, as well as new warehousing, docking and storage areas and new IT management and safety systems ensuring maximum employee safety and productivity.

The move comes as the popularity of house frames made from Truecore steel across New South Wales continues to grow.

Indeed, according to Custom Steel Frames, it is one of the few building materials to still be in demand even when the housing market slows.

Custom Steel Frames have not been able to keep up with demand, now it can, which is great because it can get involved in a wider range of projects, both residential and commercial.

Both builders and homeowners are increasingly embracing steel frames because they are lightweight, accurate, durable and of course impervious to termites.

Also, a frame made from Truecore steel will stand the test of time and protect a house against the elements and pests like termites for up to 50 years.

Also to be unveiled soon is the new outdoor living centre display building, featuring Custom Steel Frames popular outdoor lifestyle building products such as steel framed pergolas, gazebos and swimming area enclosures.

The upgrade, originally intended to be a straight forward facility upgrade with new machinery, has turned into a comprehensive 1½ year program, further strengthening Custom Steel Frames position as the state’s large steel framing provider.

To do this, all parts of the production process have been reviewed and upgraded.

According to Custom Steel Frames, it was like chain reaction, once they started, more and more things needed doing and soon the entire production process was being redesigned for optimum production capacity.

One change that will help increase production output is Custom Steel Frames’ enlarged steel coil storage area which will allow the company to stock raw products in larger quantities.

Coupled with larger finished frame storage and loading areas, projects will be able to be built in advance to improve production efficiency.

According to BlueScope Steel , Custom Steel Frames is a great example of a forward thinking, innovative business offering customers clear value, the protection of their building frames and being based in Dubbo gives them quick and easy coverage of the whole state. It is an efficient and impressive operation.

In addition to the protection Truecore steel gives house frames, it offers great design flexibility also.

Because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, it allows for wide open plan rooms and interesting design features, benefits suitable for both traditional and modern house designs.

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