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40 years of COLORBOND steel

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article image Half of Australian homes use a COLORBOND steel roof

NINETEEN sixty six was a big year for Australia. Many significant events and developments took place across the country. The dollar replaced the pound; married women were allowed to work for the Commonwealth Public Service; and Sydney Opera House architect Jørn Utzon returned to Denmark under controversy.

Also in that year, an Australian icon was born. COLORBOND steel, now available from BlueScope Steel , was launched and began its inexorable rise to become one of the country's favourite building materials.

Of course Australia has changed a lot in the past 40 years, and the innovation that was COLORBOND steel has matured and improved over that time. The product was initially developed to provide the building and construction industries with a more versatile product than corrugated galvanised steel, which was then the major product for roofs and walls.

Now, nearly half of new homes in Australia boast a COLORBOND steel roof and a sizeable majority of new factories, industrial and commercial plants and storage facilities use COLORBOND steel in roofing, cladding or some other application.

There are many reasons for COLORBOND steel's ever-widening application and enduring popularity. Since its launch, there has been continued investment in research and development to improve the product and expand its usefulness.

Leading Australian environmentalist Ian Kiernan believes that COLORBOND steel is the best roofing material in the market place, as it is completely recyclable and it is a great material for helping promote thermal efficiency in the home.

The extensive colour range is another factor in COLORBOND steel's ongoing success, as is the fact that the colour palette has been continually reviewed to ensure it meets market demand.

COLORBOND steel is still manufactured locally, employing Australians at Springhill in NSW and, Western Port in Victoria and Acacia Ridge in Queensland.

David Bare, national marketing manager at BlueScope Steel, believes that COLORBOND steel captures the essence of Australian living and, in its first 40 years, COLORBOND steel has helped to shape the dreams of Australian homeowners, designers, architects and developers, and it will continue to do so for years to come.

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