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Bluescope LYSAGHT – A place where all industrial steel requirements can be met

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Bluescope LYSAGHT  being in the steel manufacturing industry for more than 130 years has developed LYSAGHT MINI ORB which is suitable for interior and exterior applications on curved or straight surfaces. Bluescope LYSAGHT MINI ORB can be utilised in running horizontally or vertically corrugations and it can be placed pre-curved, flat, or spring-curved for increasing versatility. Bluescope LYSAGHT MINI ORB is available in wide ranges of ZINCALUME steel and COLORBOND steel colours.

Bluescope LYSAGHT MINI ORB can be applied for a decorative finish on ceilings, walls, and soffit linings; partitions and feature walls; screens and small awnings without any foot traffic. Bluescope LYSAGHT MINI ORB® can be used for fencing, furniture, gates, awnings, and shop fittings and ceilings interior both in domestic and industrial markets.

Bluescope LYSAGHT TRIMWALL is designed for rural, domestic and commercial application which is very attractive and light weight walling profile. The another feature of Bluescope LYSAGHT TRIMWALL is easy to handle and to install. Bluescope LYSAGHT TRIMWALL is available in numerous ranges of COLORBOND steel colours and ZINCALUME steel and it can be cut to length in consideration for transportation. Bluescope LYSAGHT TRIMWALL is usued for walling in commercial; domestic; non-cyclonic industrial areas and it is ideal for sheds, fascias, garages, and awning linings.

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