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BlueScope Lysaght – Building products for Construction Industries

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BlueScope Lysaght  is the steel building products premier manufacturer. BlueScope LYSAGHT® products are in the field for more than 130 years and includes icons timeless such as MINI ORB® and CUSTOM ORB®. The modern and innovative new products such as QUIKA-FLOOR® steel flooring system and the SMARTASCREEN® fencing also come under BlueScope Lysaght.

BlueScope Lysaght offers a wide range through Design and Construction of tailored solutions includes cladding and long length roofing for extreme environments. BlueScope Lysaght's includes the local and European best design of environmentally friendly facades and they are manufactured through the machinery which provides exceptional precision and short from steel and some other recyclable materials in Australia.

BlueScope Lysaght COLORBOND® attracts the buildings and designs for more than 40 years in Australia from homes to public buildings. BlueScope Lysaght COLORBOND® steel are beautiful, versatile, durable and it offers wide range of building applications and products from walling, roofing, fences, guttering, warehouses, sheds, architectural panel for distinctive cladding applications, and insulated panels for cool rooms.

BlueScope LYSAGHT ROOFTRAK® is a slip resistant walkway, safe, stable system for incidental access for the equipment and services which are roof mounted. BlueScope LYSAGHT ROOFTRAK® is placed in the steel roofing on top, since there is plenty of mounting holes in the brackets, it can be placed on the variety of roof cladding profiles.

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